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About Benin

Known as Dahomey when it was a French colony, the nation of Benin gained its independence in 1960. Its population of 7.5 million is made up of several ethnic groups, the dominant ones being the Fon, Adja, Yoruba, Dendi and Bariba.

Benin is famous for being the homeland of African traditional religion and for Ganvie, the amazing village built on stilts over Lake Nokue. We hope that you will allow Landtours to show you all that Benin has to offer. Begin here, by browsing our Benin tours below.

Benin Including Ghana and Togo
The tour of Benin, Ghana and Togo is our most popular West African package. If you have less than 2 weeks to spend and want to have a comprehensive experience in West Africa, this is the tour to take. You will enjoy Anglophone Ghana as well as Francophone Togo and Benin. One of the highlights in Benin is a visit to Ganvie, the village built on stilts over Lake Nokue.

Ganvie is referred to as the “Venice of West Africa” and you will be mesmerized as you watch market women row their dugout canoes, piled high with goods. You will witness the locals shopping on a floating market and watch as fishermen skillfully and artfully throw their nets into Lake Nokoue, providing you with a wonderful photo opportunity.

This is a “National Geographic” experience and you may pinch yourself in disbelief that you are truly in the midst of it all. Between Ghana and Benin lies Togo, where you will visit the Grand Marche and Marche des Feticheurs (fetish market) among other memorable sights. On this tour you will experience diverse culture and feel the warmth of the people of these exotic and exciting countries.


Traditional Religion Festival Tour
Beautiful and fierce, seductive and spiritual, natural and rugged—West Africa is full of exciting contrasts and the Traditional Religious Festival tour has them all. In just ten days this package will give you the experience of a lifetime. This tour caters to an array of interests and features the cultural practices of several ethnic groups. Your journey begins in warm, friendly Ghana and continues into traditional, enigmatic Benin and fascinating Togo.

Along the way you will have the opportunity to experience West Africa’s soulful traditional religion (Voudoun). Voodoun originated in West Africa and is practiced by the people of the region. The religion was exported to the new world during the slave trade, and today it is also practiced in the Carribean, the Southern United States and in Central and South America. On this tour you will have an opportunity to attend an authentic Voodoun ceremony, including sacrifices, followers in trances and much more.

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