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Landtours Ghana, is West Africa’s premier adventure travel company. The adventures we curate are deeply immersive, informative and span an array of experiences, including culture, education, eco, adventure and wildlife.

We begin by immersing you in West African traditional and modern culture and history. Touring the ancient colonial slave castles tells a sad story but is a must have experience. Off the grid overnight stays in traditional villages affords you an opportunity to experience daily life in the African countryside.


Explore exotic Ganvie, a village built on water that has existed for over 300 years. End your travel by lounging on glorious virgin beaches to slow your mind and center your soul. Our priority is providing you a seamless, transformative and unforgettable travel experience; one that awakens your senses, deepens your understanding of humanity and lifts you up in every way.


However, Landtours strives to be more than just a travel company. We also aim to give back to the villages that host our travelers. Every time you visit a local village your entry fees will be contributed to support their school, medical clinic or environmental projects.


Additionally, our goal is to be the leading authority on culture, life style, fashion and tourism across the African continent. We weave these themes into the travel experiences we curate for you. In view of this, Landtours has begun an exciting new initiative which seeks to inform and educate people from around the globe about the diverse aspects of rich African culture. As part of these efforts, we have revamped our social media and online presence towards creating fresh and engaging content centered on Africa.


Our content highlights a different theme of African culture, lifestyle and tourism every month including West African festivals, art, fashion and new destinations. Landtours has underscored its love for creative travel writing about Africa by regularly sharing captivating articles that encapsulate each month’s theme. This exciting content is currently promoted on Landtours’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.


Culture and Adventure awaits you in West Africa. Please contact Landtours to curate your next unforgettable travel experience.

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