Aburi Gardens & Boti Waterfalls Day Tour

Ghana, West Africa

Aburi Gardens & Boti Waterfalls Day Tour

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Aburi Gardens & Boti Waterfalls Day Tour

Aburi is located on the Akwapim – Togo range of Ghana. The cool mountainous weather of Aburi makes it a destination for people who love the cool side of life. Located in this cool tranquil environment is the Aburi Botanical Gardens. To reduce the features of this garden to just seeing plants will be a great undervaluation of the essence of the garden.

On a visit to the garden, the first thing that graces you is the beautifully lined royal palm trees on both sides of the road leading to the car park. These palm trees cannot be said to be part of the original plants that were cultivated but look very old. This tree is said to be the only survivor of the original forest that once covered the Aburi Hills. In fact the silk cotton tree is acclaimed to be one of the biggest trees in West Africa.

Boti falls is a twin waterfall located at Boti in Eastern Region of Ghana. It takes its course from a river known locally as Pompon. History has it that the fall was hidden in the forest until it was discovered by a white Catholic priest. There are actually two falls at Boti: The upper falls and the lower falls. Boti is a seasonal waterfall that includes two side-by-side falls that flow to the bottom of 250 concrete steps. During full flow you are surrounded in a canyon of falling water. It can be found in the forest of Huhunya.

The larger one is mythically believed to be the male and the smaller one the female. According to the local folks, when the two merge, a rainbow is formed. It is usually said that these rivers are mating when this happens. A visit to Boti is actually a three-in-one pack: the umbrella rock, the three-headed palm tree and, of course, the falls themselves. It is the most visited falls in the Eastern Region.

**TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle, Entry fees to sites in this tour package and a professional driver and tour guiding service.