Travel to Ghana

2024 Tour packages

12 Day Ghana Tour

Discover the beauty, culture and traditions with our 12 Day Ghana Tour. On this tour, you will learn about Ghana’s journey to Independence, travel to the different parts of Ghana where you will connect with nature.Unleash your inner explorer in Northern Ghana where you will embark on a safari adventure and so much more.

10 Day Ghana Culture Tour

Journey through Ghana where we immerse you in authentic Ghanaian culture. From learning about Pan-Africanism to visiting the Assin Manso ancestral slave river and exploring the famous Asante Kingdom and more, this tour is designed to evoke a deep emotional connection to Ghana and West Africa.

10 Day Wildlife Tour

If you’re a nature enthusiast, this experience is made for you. Discover the diverse wildlife species and vast landscapes. Travel to Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, Shai Hills Reserve, Mole National Park among several sites you’ll be enthralled by.

10 Day Forts And Castles Tour

The Forts and Castles experience takes you on a historical and cultural adventure through Ghana. You will visit the various forts and castles that bear memories of the horrific transatlantic slave trade. You will also explore the vibrant cities of Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi, and discover the rich heritage of the Ashanti kingdom. You will enjoy the scenic views of the canopy walkway at Kakum National Park, slave dungeons of the UNESCO World Heritage castles across Ghana.

10 Day Ghana, Togo And Benin Tour

The Ghana, Togo and Benin experience offers you a chance to explore three fascinating countries in West Africa, each with its own history, culture and natural beauty. You will visit the landmarks of Accra, the capital of Ghana, and learn about the heroes of Pan-Africanism. You will also see the haunting slave castles on the coast, and walk on the canopy bridge at Kakum National Park. You will cross the border to Togo, and discover the vibrant city of Lome, with its museum, market and independence square. You will also visit Ouidah, the spiritual center of Voodoo, and see its sacred forest, python temple and Port of No Return. You will end your journey with a boat ride to Ganvie, a remarkable village built on stilts over a lake.

22 Day West Africa Tour Featuring Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sao Tome, Togo And Benin

The West Africa experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore eight amazing countries in one epic journey. You will witness the diversity and beauty of this region, from the historic island of Goree to the stunning pink lake of Retba. You will visit the vibrant cities of Dakar, Abidjan, Lome and Cotonou, and sample their delicious cuisine and culture. You will also discover the natural wonders of Sao Tome, the heritage of Cape Coast, the voodoo traditions of Ouidah, and the floating village of Ganvie. This is a tour that will leave you with unforgettable memories and stories to tell.